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Product Price guide:




Tannoy GRF-R traditional width or my own narrow width design for easy placement in smaller rooms (made to order): From £1750 a pair. 

Choice of finish, grille cloth, crossover mounting, badges, cabling, binding posts, tear drop baffle, cat prevention mesh etc. 
Note: Drivers are not included in the price, but can be sourced - depending on availablity.

Made using the finest premium hardwood birch ply. 24 and 21mm throughout - includes all back loaded horn internals and angled reflectors.

Cabinet weight approx 75KG each including driver.

GRF-R sizes are approx; 40" (101cm) high x 24" (61cm) wide x 19.5" (49.5cm) deep.

GRF-Narrow sizes are approx;  50.4" (128cm) high x 18.6" (47.5cm) wide x 19.4" (49.5cm) deep.

I photo document each build and keep you updated with progress pictures.

Click on the pictures on the right for more details.

Shipping on a pallet to UK, Europe or Worldwide is also available, please contact me for details.


Technics SL-1200 series solid one piece exotic hardwood tonearm boards (made to order): £POA inc fitting kit for Ebony and £POA for African Blackwood (approx 1" thick).

Ebony, African Blackwood and other exotic wood SL-1200 / SL-1210 tonearm boards.

Made to fit a wide range of tonearm / bases.

These do not ring or impart a metalic sound that many customers report after having tried steel / aluminium / copper / brass / gunmetal etc armboards.

Unlike other woods they do not over dampen or mask the sound either.

Ebony and African Blackwood have just the right acoustic properties to bring out the very best of your deck and tonearm.

Once the original arm is removed the Magna Audio armboard is fitted from above via 3 discreet black domed bolts into

our unique non-invasive blind nut fixing system that simply fits in the plinth from above.

No taking the deck apart each time the arm is to be removed.

If you have two or more arms and armboards this makes swapping between them very fast.

I can also make a top bolt free solution if preferred.

See customer feedback for reviews - the sound quality surpasses any metal plate or other solid armboard they have tried.

Fitting kit includes custom threaded inserts and black caphead bolts for easy self fit.

For those who already have rivnuts fitted I can of course supply just the board at reduced cost. 

I supply full original arm removal and new armboard fitting instructions.


I also make armboards for Thorens TD range, Garrard 301 / 401, Technics SP-10, Lenco, Linn Ariston, separate tonearm columns, solid brass or gunmetal armboards and many more. Please enquire.


SME fitting £10 extra for all armboards.

Fitting service £50

I can also offer a complete fitting and setup service too. Of course I need the deck and arm to be onsite to complete.  

Other hardwood boards to fit pretty much any deck and arm and spacers £POA.

Birch ply armboards and plinth tops also made to order £POA.

P&P from £5.50

Postage overseas please enquire

Bespoke standalone tonearm columns / armpods, £POA.

Brushed or polished Aluminium, Brass, Stainless steel and black lacquered cylinders are offered.

These can be used to add a 9", 10" or 12" arm to an existing deck provided there is room on the shelf or stand. Solid high mass (cast lead filled, set in resin) assures no movement / resonance. Tone cable exit at the base. Three adjustable brass knurled levelling feet.

Includes choice of hardwood tonearm boards to fit your tonearm.

P&P will depend on the weight of the finished column.


Custom record pucks - Polished hardwood to suit your deck or furniture. to the weight

of your choice. Usually made of ebony. Lead core can be used if extra mass is required


Ebony headshell spacers - 3, 4 or 5mm thick. Standard cartridge / headshell pattern.

Can be made from copper or brass if more mass is required.


Counterweight making / production (made to order):

Brass £POA.

Stainless Steel £POA.

   Standard finish is brushed / hairline.

Optional extras:

Polished finish £15. 

Nylon damping insert £15.

Composite tipped cushioned grub screw £5.

Additional grub screw £5.


P&P from £5.50

Postage overseas please enquire


Horn fabrication / bespoke speaker systems creation (made to order)

Solid turned softwood tractrix 550 Hz Horns

Can be fitted to a range of 1" or 1.5" compression drivers such as Vitavox S2, JBL, TAD etc.

GRP tractrix 400Hz and 250Hz horns.

2" throat + other size throat adapters are available. Can be sand coated for rougher internal finished and are heavily damped on the outside to achieve the right acoustic density (I use a pair of these 400Hz horns on my Vitavox S2's.

I can also machine and thread horn fitting adpaters to fit.



Tapped Horn subs :

Tapped horns complete with 12" or 15" LF drivers - can provide amazing fast sub bass, true 20Hz - 100Hz +/-0dB) that integrates effortlessly with hi-end speakers.

From POA


Bespoke turned armtubes and other turntable fittings:

I can turn and machine a wide range of bespoke items for turntables and other HiFi needs.

Other machining jobs:

I am happy to discuss other custom turning / machining jobs.


Exact costs depend on the specifics of the products. Delivery or shipping can be arranged for larger items. Collection is also welcome.


Please contact me via the contact form for further information on any products, services or your custom requirements.


Payment methods:-

Cash on collection

Bank transfer / UK cheques

Paypal - fees may apply



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