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I make home HiFi systems for myself for fun. I also make some bespoke 
parts for others (more about that on another site I will set up).
From the occasional valve amp, tonearms, DSP crossovers, and perhaps most interestingly; Horn speaker systems.
Horns can have enormous sound-stage. From deep fast bass, speed, agility, clarity and dynamics, to an integrated flowing sound across all frequencies that no other implementations I've heard can match.
The result, an effortless easy to listen to sound:)
Done properly there is none of the honk or problems horn disbelievers cite.
Ever purer sound requirements lead eventually to 4, or preferably 5 way systems.
Front loaded horn bass has to be heard to be believed.
They are not small though! The following pages chronicle my journey.
Humble beginnings
I started out building a pair of Tannoy GRF replica cabs in 21/24mm birch ply and it snow balled from there. A conical on a GRF, then added a mid horn, then bass horns, then Tapped horns - Then refining and improving drivers and horns, amps and crossovers.
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Scalford Hall Wigwam Show 2012
The system grew from 2 way to 3, to 4, to 5 way. Friends came to listen. They persuaded me to take the whole system to Scalford!
From top to bottom - Raal Lazy ribbon tweeters, JBL2435Be's on upper hornes. JBL2482's on mid horns, 15" Eminence on bass horns and 15" LF drivers on Tapped (sub) horns.
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5 way Evolution
The system has evolved. DIY conicals have given way to Tractrix and exponential flare bass horns. Drivers have been swapped out and combinations tested. Multi amping, passive and digital crossovers have been tried.
Click pictures for the evolutionary story.
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