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About Me

I offer a range of products and services at competitive rates.

Customer choice, service and communication being paramount. 


I am a HiFi enthusiast. As a hobby I find satisfaction in building my own components (wherever possible) and in the case of my 5 way horn system the whole speaker setup.


I'm always happy to chat about your ideas and needs.

I like to keep my customers up to date on progress of builds and work by sending progress pictures as I go.

We recently moved home and workshop to the New Forest.

Here I am at work on my trusty South Bend lathe making an ebony armboard. 

My name is Steve by the way.

I offer an expert friendly service where communication and customer choice is paramount.

Each product or service can be tailored to your needs.

As a fellow hifi enthusiast I am in tune with the needs of matching custom parts to speakers, decks and arms to provide enhanced solutions.


Drop me a line via the Contact me tab above. 

Origins of my Tannoy GRF-R style cabinets

I first bought a pair of Tannoy Berkeley speakers with 3828 drivers. I was impressed with the easy natural foot tapping sound.

I soon realised it was the cabinet that was holding these drivers back.

Whilst being fairly big for a domestic speaker they were not big enough to give a sound representative of what the Tannoy 15" drivers were really capable of.

Something around 300 lts was in order. Then I first heard a pair of GRF cabinets. I liked the bass reproduction (my only real criticism of the Berkeleys).

Reading up and taking advice I decided on 21mm and 24mm Scandinavian birch plywood.

The rest is history. I have since built many pairs of GRF-R and my unquie space saving narrow style GRF-N cabinets for Tannoy adoring enthusiasts.

See my products and services page for more information.

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